Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know I'm not suppose to hunt cross-country with my ATV. I just got my 4-wheeler out of the shop with ten welds and various pieces of missing frame replaced. Over sagebrush, cactus, down gullies and washes. This one was steeper and deeper than I had anticipated. As I descended I found my self hanging on by a handbar as the ATV was balancing on one front wheel. I could feel the force of the bike throwing me. It was like being frozen in time. I had time to know exactly what was happening. I thought to my self you've f&%$# yourself bad this time expecting the bike to land on me in descent. Without time passage I was on the ATV at the bottom in control. A space in time lost. Guardian Angel or physics? I don't know for sure. And this after falling off the wagon with a bout of P & MB. I must have some worth. Last year it was broken ribs followed by a collar bone. I am a screw-up (no pun intended). Why can't I be normal?


October Rising said...

I'd say it was a guardian angel. glad yer ok!

Cadence said...

Dude, I think I need to take to heart what happend so I don't make the same mistake just at greater costs... as for your statement about "falling of the wagon" I think god isn't going to let you die just because of something like that... atleast that's what I believe... and I'm still alive and I'm a bigger screw up then you by far... I've got some pretty bad stories or if you have a positive attitude I'm making my gurdian angel work over time... anyway the point is don't be hard on yourself...

Robert said...

Wow, man. I'm really glad that you're ok. You've got too much more to do before you check out. Be careful. Unless...hmmm. How do you feel about checking out? Should we worry??? Anyhoo, like I said, I'm really glad that you're ok. Later man.

Z i n j said...

October....thanks for thinking I have angels..October is also my favorite time of year.

Cadence...I feel bad about p & mb. My Guardians may vamoose if I don't get it together. Don't you think that sooner or later it all catches up to you? I'm trying Robert's advice about not worrying and moving on...Thanks for sharing

Robert...I love life even with the monster chasing me. I plan to live until that precarious foot hold slips. Thats the price for living on the edge. The view is worth it. Oh I forgot..people like you are there to grab me. Thanks for being there for so many of us.

Bravone said...

zing, I hope my response to your question on my blog made sense.

It sounds like the Lord was watching out for you. Last year I broke several ribs on an ATV accident...not fun.

Don't ever underestimate your worth based on issues with P&M. When we start getting down on ourselves, we are more vulnerable to repeat or slip further.

Recommit and go forward my friend.

Alan said...

Dude, you ARE normal. Stop beating yourself up as if you're not. We all fall down in lots of ways! Just keep getting up, that's what matters.

Mike said...

I think that if your 'p and mb' are fatal sins I would have burned a while ago.

I work, sometimes harder than others, but we are not perfect. I agree with Alan and say that the only thing is comes down to is being on the path and facing the right direction.

ps you are one cool moho


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