Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FIGHTING FOR OBAMA IN UTAH ...or will the real OBAMA stand-up

But it is disappointing that in a Church whose theology is founded on individual responsibility to seek wisdom and learning by study and also by faith (note that it's both, not just the latter), so many Church members seem to accept instantly without question anything they hear as long as it aligns with their previous beliefs and (sadly) prejudices. That is a natural human tendency, I know. But in the LDS Church we at least profess to aspire to something ....... Utah is ground zero of scare tactics. A visiting teacher of a friend of mine told her that she had heard that Obama was the anti-Christ. My own father says he's moving to Canada.


Abelard Enigma said...

she had heard that Obama was the anti-Christ

Please tell me that's a joke. Surely people don't actually believe that.

Alan said...

Hey Zinj, you're quoting me dude. I'm flattered. Do I get a tag line? Naturally I agree with everything!

Robert said...

yeah, I hear that kind of crap as well. I don't know who I'll vote for, but I don't think that Obama is all that bad. So, I had a conversation with my dad about homosexuality and sexual orientations. Not good. He's quite agressive in condemning them and accusing them/us of experiencing the consequences of our own choices. I thought you'd be interested to hear that he's much more like your pops than we thought. We're even more alike than we knew. ;)

Z i n j said... joke. My hometown in Southern Utah along with Utah County natives are among the worst.

Sorry was a cut & paste & a great save but I forgot to note the source. I should have remembered it could only have come from one with a great mind and body like yours. Well not sure about the body (LOL)...but definately the mind like a steel trap with great ideas. really is a Huge B. Brown kind of idea.

Hows the chillman Robert. Glad you and your are father talking. Sorry they come from the same Ranch. Did you completely out with your dad or just feel him out? Did you ask your Dad how we made this choice? Remember I played Little League Baseball, was a boy scout, can ride a h(a)rse, eat raw steak and play a wicked game of poker. I must be a man's man by any measure.

Z i n j said...

ALAN...just to note I did another cut/copy/paste of your atonement speech...well put.

Alan said...

Hey Zinj. I am sincerely flattered by your cutting & pasting. Hope I can keep churning out worthwhile stuff once in a while.

Thanks also for your kind words about my alleged mind. As for the body, well, let's say it's improving.

Robert, I can match most of Zinj's list, the horse riding, the Boy Scouts, the raw steak. No poker or Little League, but I can do him one better, I play rugby, a brutal blood sport if there ever was one. OMG I love it. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when you run that one past your dad! LOL.

Z i n j said...

Alan..your funny!!!


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