Thursday, September 18, 2008

latest KILL

I guide and this was from the weekend, I'm excited about taking a few days off next week for a buddy hunt with a muzzleloader. You didn't know that " we " are a diverse group and most of us do sports and outdoor stuff and don't wear pink.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was disappointed to find this STRONG statement UNDER THE TOPIC " What every Bishop should know about SSA" I totally disaggree with this assessment. Have I been on some other planet?
(click on the title to link to the source)

How does a man develop SSA feelings?
The root of this problem usually lies in childhood. Although each person's situation may be different, many follow a common thread. The man usually feels that he was abandoned by his father, either physically, emotionally or both. This abandonment occurred at a very young age, usually before the age of three. When a child is first born, he or she does not recognize himself as separate from his mother. He cries if she is out of sight. Eventually the child comes to recognize that he is separate from his mother. But a boy has another transition to make. He must also recognize that not only is he separate from his mother, he is different from his mother and like his father. If there is no male figure to identify with, the child may not develop his gender identity properly. This alone is usually not enough to result in SSA.


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