Friday, October 24, 2008


I LOVE it when I see an OMEN. It is a sign of something good. I happened upon this arrowhead. I will KILL!
I HATE it when I hear shooting not far off...jealousy!
I LOVE it when I see an ELK mangled juniper tree. I think, "some elks nuts are making him nuts".
I HATE it when I come across some Forest Service sign out in the middle of nowhere that warns me that trees can fall down so stay alert. Duh...I can take care of myself..Sherlock. And to think someone got paid with my meager tax dollars to carrry this metal sign into nowhere.
I LOVE it when you come to the edge of some craggy canyon and think F&*#%... how am I going to cross this and then I find a game trail and have no problems.
I HATE it when my blood sugar bottoms unexpectantly out and I'm laying in the trail and people step on me.
I LOVE it when I can take a nap off the trail just because I want to.
I HATE it when I see a monster buck and find out its a tree limb.
I LOVE it when you find one of your old quakie signatures from when I was a little kid.
I HATE it when i'm taking care of business and a buck passes by.
I LOVE it when I discover some Pioneer trash out in the hills
I HATE it when out in the BOONIES I come across BUBBA and his beer can.
I LOVE it when out in the BOONIES I come across BooBoos

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Robert said...

Seriously, man, I'm crawling out of my skin in jealousy. I totally know all of those things!!! We could have some serious fun sharing hunting and adventuring stories. I went out today and shot about 140 rounds from my sks. I love bowhunting and then I love going out and shooting with a friend or two. Have fun down there and know that whenever I read or think of your blog, I'm jealous.

And remember, you're really awesome. I'm very grateful that you're blogging.


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