Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OPEN space rocks2 (click here)


Bravone said...

Really really cool. Thank you!

Alan said...

VERY cool. Now I will resent being inside all day today. ;-) Are you in that?

Bror said...

It would be nice to experience my skinwalking brother's "open space rocks" world.

Z i n j said...

I'm sorry I'm such a radical when it comes to some issues. I think we all have spiritual gifts (passions) that are meant to keep the world in check. It can be a curse as well like the young man who recently disrupted the BLM mineral lease sale. He took a huge gamble knowing that civil disobediance is like prison time...yet his principles, his contribution to this life was such that he had to act. He did all the nice things but found that "the people" didn't have a seat at the table of power broker/decision makers. The declaration of Independence compels us to act when our government fails to secure our rights...like we can then throw rocks. This reminds me of our struggle with the institutional church.

Alan I'm in the pics...but which one is one of those necessary hidden things.

Alan said...


I understand perfectly and agree with you on all points.


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