Friday, December 26, 2008


A Mormon SKINWALKER is different than the tradition Navajo SKINWALKER. In the dark world of Navajoland...SKINWALKERS abound--out of harmony in pursuit of evil deeds. These SHAPESHIFTERS "yee nadlooshii"cloak themselves in the SKIN of beasts and lurk in the night. These unNATURAL creatures cannot mimic the natural gait of the animal they cling under. Many a Mormon Missionary out on the Rez have experienced the lurking of these creatures on their nightly rounds. Navajo reluctantly talk of such things as to evoke an evilness their way. Navajo mythology or perhaps religious tradition has a dark side. The challenge to is to keep in harmony with the natural world. Shaman or medicine men chant healing rituals like the BLESSINGWAY[Hózhójí] to repair the evil of witches and darkness. Witches abound, humans gone to the dark side, appear as everyday people but secretly shoot poisens (bone fragments) into unsuspecting victims. Sickness or mental disunion results calling for healing and rituals. Local witches convene in an underground room littered with corpses. At these meetings they may make a sand-paintings of the new victim with colored ash and prepare corpse powder with a male victim's flesh. They filch something of the victims then chant and bury the object to induce distortion. Bad hair in the morning could be a sign (no jokes)..

A Mormon SKINWALKER is what I am. Something different. I have the appearance as the typical BYU stud. Inside the SKIN...however lurks a troubled soul...hidden secrets not spoken of in Mormon culture. Disharmony, dischord, disunion....finding my way in the shadows. Not accepted for who I am, not rejected because of Christ. My ONLY escape is NATURE. Here I find peace, harmony and non-judgement. Friends even follow. I have family. Activity and beauty overwhelm all superficialness. We swim naked in stone potholes in slot canyons...water falls off the red lips of cliffs and wash away the sins. The coldness or extreme heat keeps the SSA at bay. Naked boys dry off on sandstone with the piercing sun. Harmony, peace and non-judgment. Here I BLESSING WAY ritual and place of healing.

Culture and land and religion collide. One cannot hide in the rocks forever. The aged hard father hands worn and blistered rebukes all change. He did it the hard way...the only way....not unlike his father and his father who founded this place. They dug those first ditches.. They created a paradise in the wilderness knowing that the land does not give easily. Their dreams came to pass. My dream is different. My field to plow is different. It does not fit the cycle of time. I cannot tell him of this. I must follow his footsteps first. The soul remains empty and unsettled.... the place is good. Witches abound and shoot their poisen. Culture collides with religion. Religion collides with my soul. Red Rocks heal. Christ heals. The Cycle of life goes forward.I RIDE THE BROKEN TRAIL with messed up hair


Bravone said...

Zinj, I am intrigued by your knowledge of and peace you find in nature. It truly seems to be a place of respite for you. I don't pretend to understand everything you speak about, but it still speaks peace to me.

Bror said...

I too love nature and my Mormon Skinwalker friend. Thanks for your post.

Sean said...

I would rather have stylish messed up hair than perfect lame hair. ;)

I really enjoyed your post and thoughts. Even though your path is different, doesn't make it bad. You are the one who determines what happens on your path, nobody else can do that. You can choose to make it how you want--good or evil (depending on how you look at it).

Andy said...

Zinj, I loved this post. It helped me reminisce in my time as a missionary on the rez. I was a little intrigued by the reference you made to you being a Mormon Skinwalker after you portrayed the evilness of such creatures. I can see perhaps a likeness to a certain degree but only regarding a few characteristics. Granted, I don't know you, but I hardly doubt that you share similar actions with the skinwalkers. Thank you for posting this nonetheless. I hope it helps me remember to be aware of my surroundings and the lurking "skinwalkers" as it relates to SGA.

Robert said...

Again man, like an unexpected arrowhead in the dirt at my feet. I love your posts. There's been a few times that I've about up and left to the southern UT deserts or to AZ so I could just get away and be somewhere that is void of the thousands of voices - somewhere that I can listen to the spirit of the wind and trees and water and rocks. Wow, I'm excited to do that again.

A [mormon] SKINWALKER, huh? I can see it. I think I can better understand you now. That was a wonderful description. I understand how you feel, with all the colliding. Love ya man. You're not alone unless you want to be. Later Zinj.

Grégoire said...

I'm not certain how I found your blog, but I gotta tellya, it's amazing. As some politician was wont to say: 'i'll be back'.

Be well, my brother...

Z i n j said...

THANKS for helping me along the path.

Sean tells me to buck up but that I can do it with messed stylish HAIR . That is so kool.

Bror and Braveone remind me that peace comes from nature ...but also from within oneself.

Robert always says the profound....
"You're not alone unless you want to be."
I love it.... He is the one that I sorta look to follow his example. Many of our issues are the same. I know he doesn't need that kind of pressure. He doesn't always tell us what is going on with him but chooses instead to be supportive of the MoFamily.

Sorry Andy if I didn't clearly make the Skinwalker distinction. The Mormon Skinwalker is a different entiity than the Navajo one. We are not evil...well maybe I am just a little..He He...Mostly we are like normal on the outside but underneath lurks the creature....something different...that is to be hidden because we are not understood and don't exactly fit into the perfect plan...I am really interested in your Rez experience.

Welcome friends down this path are always welcome. As Sean says...messed up can be stylish!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I found your post randomly on a search for skinwalkers. I just thought I'd leave a comment - my friend shares the same struggles (we are both LDS) and he always showed me the beauty of nature's constant "imperfections" - it definitely helped me see the world in a different light. Keep the faith man!


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