Thursday, September 18, 2008

latest KILL

I guide and this was from the weekend, I'm excited about taking a few days off next week for a buddy hunt with a muzzleloader. You didn't know that " we " are a diverse group and most of us do sports and outdoor stuff and don't wear pink.


Robert said...

Sweet. Your kill? I love hunting. I mostly bow hunt. My uncle made me a bow and I make my own arrows. I live for being out in the wild. Rock on and congrats. Have fun on your hunt.

Robert said...

Hope your having fun hunting. I'm so incredibly jealous.

Z i n j said...

Hi Robert....I just got off the mountain..what an experience. For 2 hours I sat & videoed elk in a maze of tuff bulls screaming and bugling. I was in the middle. Elk fighting chasin grunting and bugling. What a riot. I would call in the cows and the herd bull would charge and scream in their face herding them back up. Three times big bulls walked by, noticed me but i'm camoed and they can't smell past their own they shrug their sholdiers and go back to the bully fight. Reminds me of some of my BYU cocky friends. Our hunt doesn't start until Wednesday. I'm curious about how you made your arrows and tips. I'm possessed by the archaeology and pre-history of where I'm from....I'm bidding on the "Alchemist" at ebay...Peace

KJP said...


I love all things associated with muzzleloaders!

Have a blast on your adventure!


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